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Reproduction of antique dolls, Bleuette, fashion dolls, Jumeau, Bru, Googlie...

Manufacture of fine doll wigs, leather shoes, dresses, hats and accessories for dolls.

Georgette Bravot Society founded in 1947 and led by three successive generations, has always been to manufacture products that are part of the greatest achievements known to date.

The workshop Georgette Bravot was created in 1947 by Mrs. Georgette Bravot.

At that time her job was "posticheuse and implanteuse" for women wigs. With her knowledge she decided to open the workshop to make wigs for dolls.

In 1983, under the second generation, the workshop takes the legal form Georgette BRAVOT SARL.  Françoise BRAVOT manager then added the manufacture of doll shoes.

Today Sylvie BRAVOT third generation of family BRAVOT, runs the only French company to make wigs for dolls.

Our products


Quality wigs 100% human hair or mohair alleging, very silky, their beauty and diversity of styles designed for contemporary and antique dolls, are known in most of the world.


The  shoes made ​​of leather are popular for their shapes and the wide variety of colors.


Since 1999, we manufacture silk dresses which seemed to us essential to supplement our production of wigs and shoes.These dresses, never exactly identical, are adorned with lace and gallons oldest and remind us of past creations.


Our services

Le sur mesure

As a manufacturer, we can also achieve in a short time, wigs, shoes or dresses according to your model or inspiration for doll artists.

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We can send you the order all around the world.


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All our products are made in France