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In this universe, you will find reproductions of Loulotte, Becassine and their Friends.

Give life to the doll of your dreams by choosing her wig, her wardrobe and her shoes.

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 On the occasion of the exhibition of the Musée de la Poupée-Paris "Bécassine dévoile les Trésors de Loulotte" (Bécassine reveals Loulotte's tresures) and following the request of numerous passionate customers of Bleuette and her history, we came up , in February 2015, with the idea of starting a new edition of the little doll LOULOTTE, limited to 200 pieces.
It is not simply a matter of reproducing the doll of 1994 but of creating a completely new edition where the mold for the head has been remade by us. She is still 24 cm high with a pretty little porcelain head and glass eyes. 
The limited edition of 200 dolls (Loulotte® from N° 1 to N°200) was sold out in few months  and we are proud to present a new serie of Loulotte dolls.
This new edition is not limited and numbered and Loulotte® is now available with brown, blue, blue-grey or green eyes, mohair or human hair wig. You can get her dressed or undressed.
History of Loulotte's character :
Mister Maurice Languereau, newspaper's editor "La Semaine de Suzette" and writer of "Les aventures de Bécassine" had a single daughter Claude in 1921 whose existence inspired him to create the character of Loulotte in his comics.
She appeared besides her nanny Bécassine from 1921 and several albums will borne her name :
* "Loulotte et Bécassine " ( Loulotte and Bécassine)
* "Bécassine et la petite Loulotte" ( Bécassine and the little Loulotte)
* "Ou est passée Loulotte" (Where has Loulotte gone ?)
History of the doll Loulotte : 
Mrs Colette Merlen, real specialist and passionate of Bleuette, author of 2 sumptuous books "Bleuette, Poupée de la Semaine de Suzette" volumes 1 and 2, organized in 1994 in Lille the "Congrès Mondial de la Poupée Bleuette" (World Congress of the doll Bleuette).
For this occasion, she decided, in collaboration with Marie-Edith Charles, another Bleuette's passionate, to make a little "souvenir" doll that would be the little "Bleuette"sister, and this how "Loulotte" was born.