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Your package has arrived with this beautiful dress that look great on my Kestner New York.  With thanks.  Sincerely.  Catherine C.
I received your package on the 18th instant, with the surprise of having so quickly.
Everything is the right size, thanks to your advice, including the color of the shoes.  My doll is completely transformed, I had found the spring in a flea market near my home, dirty, naked, resilient to change, a very low price.  I fell to see her so unhappy.
The dress is gorgeous, the materials, flexibility, finish, lace, these colors "pink tea".  The wig of very good quality suits him very well, although the color to enhance the dress and her blue eyes.  The underwear is also very nice, I knew that the long pants open, the smoothness of silk socks, beautiful leather shoes totally fit and the little necklace with that little pink to complete the set.
I am attaching a photo, she blushed more than usual, she is very satisfied and it is the effect of the flash.
Thank you for everything and your fabrication shop, you make a very nice job and you give us happiness.
Best regards and a coming doll.  Mrs. FT.
Hello.  Just to thank you.  All items are wonderful.  Thank you, thank you, thank you very much!  See you soon.  Good day and thank you again.  Mrs. P.
I just received today the wig size 9 model "Léa" (head circumference 32 cm).  She is beautiful and my daughter is thrilled.  I am very glad of your products again.
The work is very good. Merci your entire team, and best wishes for 2011.
See you soon Regards.  FT
Hello Madam, I received the hat this morning as I hoped it would look great, a true work of art!  thank you for your skills and your kindness. Sincerely.  MCM
I have today received the wig and the little bag for my Bleuette (I send you a photo).  Her original wig was very bumpy (I keep it for later).
Thank you once again for this great job which gives a wonderful result and delighted me deeply.
Good day,
See you soon, your site is a real gold mine to embellish these wonderful dolls dear to my heart.  Regards.  FT
Hello.  I would like to thank you.  All objects are very beautiful and excellent quality.  I am very satisfied.  Thank you again.
I wish you a good day.  Patrizia


Well received, so good.  The hat is beautiful. Merci.  Mrs. DC.


Many thanks for the quality of coordinated dress and hat.  Congratulations for this work.  Sincerely.  Mrs. P.


I received my order this morning and wigs are beautiful. I went for a ride on your construction site, finally a site where you will find what they need for the dolls.

Sincerely, Mrs. D.
I received the dress this morning.  Thank you.  It is very belle.Sincerely.  Ms. PL.
How are you?  Well I hope.
The two dresses purchased are true works of art,
EXTRAORDINARY.  Each suits rob the doll
which I intended.  Thank you very much.  Mr GD
Good evening,
thank you for giving me the postage for my next purchase, it's very nice of you.
I renew my congratulations for your work is truly remarkable.
See you soon...  especially do not stop your business, you're probably one of the few in our time (when everything is lost...) to make things as lovely finishes excellent.
Sincerely, Mr HD..
Hello Madam Bravot, Thanks so much for sending quick 2 wigs.  The size is perfect and great quality.  I do not hesitate to recommend them.
Good day, Mrs. LB